Sunday, June 17, 2007


During my recovery, sirs, I have been investigating the people who have been visiting my site.
I've had people from Denmark, China, Japan, Mongolia, Greece and the UAE.

I thought I'd say a little something to them all in their native tongues.
(Please do not be offended if the computer translation says ridiculous things.)

To the Danes:
Hallo! Jeg er Sebastian K. Poochles. Velkommen hen til mig website. Behage afgøre jeres bekendte i Danmark omkring mig! Hams hen til jer , hr.

To the Greeks:
γειά εγώ είμαι Sebastian K. Poochles. καλώs ήρθατε σε my website. παρακαλώ λέω δικό σου φίλοι μέσα Ελλάδα όλος για εμένα. Hams σε you , κέριε.

To the Arabs:
مرحبا! أنا [سبستين] [ك.]. [بووكس]. ترحيب إلى موقعتي. رجاء قلت كلّك صديقات في ال [أو] جميعا حول ي.
[نوت-همس] إلى أنت.

Sorry other languages: my computer isn't good at Asian languages.

Hams to you, sirs.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Tummy, Sirs, The Tummy.

Since my return from the Tri-Partite Basset Commission, I have been ill, sirs.
Today, I have had multiple accidents and passed some blood.
My colitis may have returned.

I plan to recuperate for a bit, and to cling around the legs of the nearest Sir.
A new update will appear soo---

Dashing to poo, sirs.