Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Mailbag, Part 2

Actually, we look more similar than I thought. And it turns out that the original Porthos, named Prada, was a male dog.

Our next question was a bit of a mess. It's from "Nest" and reads:

Q: ALiens? are you like Kushinish, dude and beieve in teh saucer pplz? ha ha ha

A: I was referring not to extraterrestrials, but to illegal aliens. I'm going to assume by your lack of mastery in English that you're not up enough on your Latin to know that alien comes from the word for "different", and so can refer to both ETs and immigrants.

That said, I think there are hounds from different worlds. Unfortunately, due to the incomprehensible distances of space, I feel it is unlikely we will meet them within my lifetime. I don't often watch much science fiction either, because it can be hard for me to tell the difference between it and what's real. (Although Windy is a compelling reason to watch Enterprise. I understand there are characters there for the human males for much the same reason.) Mister Sir recently watched an story called "Daleks in Manhattan", and I was very concerned. I can see the Empire State Building from home, and these Daleks seemed to be using it to take over. They do not seem to have succeeded yet, but know this: I am watching, sirs. I am watching.

We hear from Laurie Doniger, from Chapel Hill, NC

Q: Hi there Mr Poochles -- My name is Laurie Doniger, and I'm from Chapel Hill, NC. I see lots of Indie musician friends on your MySpace page, but I see elsewhere you like jazz. What do you really like?! Also: do you give kisses? I want one!

A: Currently, I've been listening to a lot of Rose Melberg and the Decemberists. My musical taste is pretty catholic, and I embrace many traditions. Alas, my lips are not made for smooching, per se, and I am hesitant to lick people to excess. Bassets have a lot of drool, and most people don't appreciate a puss-full of slobber. I am always up for a good belly-rub, though!

And lastly, from Andy Guitner, Kansas City, MO:

Q: Hey Pooch-man! I see that your campaign manager is called "Mister Sir." Is he like the guy Jon Voigt played in the movie Holes? And do you have a campaign slogan yet? I was thinking maybe you could use "I'm a Poochles Person". It seemed nifty to me. And I'm still waiting on one of those "Poochles is My President" t-shirts!

A: Mister Sir is real first off, and as much not Jon Voight-y as possible, though I am not familiar with the specifics of the character of which you speak.

And I very much like your suggestion for slogan. We will review here at PooCH and get back to you, offering you full restitution should it be used.

The Liberty of a salty ham to you all,
Sebastian K Poochles

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sebastian! I'm Jenny Fischer from Reno, Nevada. What's the deal with this "Poochles Casane" nickname?