Monday, February 4, 2008

Mailbags, ahoy, Sirs

Questions have been pouring in here at Poochles Campaign Headquarters. Let's dive into some.

We hear from Randy Avernam of Los Angeles, CA:

Q: Hi Poochles! My name is Randy Avernam from LA. I'm a big Star Trek fan, and I noticed you look a little like Porthos from Enterprise. Are you related? Even if you're not, I'm totally voting for you in Nov.

A: Well, sir, the thing that pops most into my mind is this: Porthos isn't actually a male dog. All three versions of him were played by lady dogs (Breezy and Windy). Apparently, it's rude to see dog unmentionables on screen, so they always use females. Which means I am a-okay for your TV viewing pleasure. Secondly, Porthos is a beagle, not a basset hound.

So, no, Porthos is not related to me. Although she is pretty foxy. Although maybe fox-houndy is a better term.

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