Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Canis Vehemens, Sirs

I had planned on today being a nice, quiet day. I found a nice picture of a basset hound with some pigs, and was wondering if the Lolrus would be a good cabinet member for me. Mister Sir had even stopped using my MySpace account to look up attractive or amusing people and was concentrating on finding me dog supporters.

But then somebody emailed me with a question about the current House Resolution 888. You can read it here.

This is terrible! This makes me put on my most serious face.

Apparently, the slew of Southern co-sponsors for this bill are not aware of the Constitution and how it separates church and state. Furthermore, it's clearly a pro-Christian piece a legislation masquerading (in a suitably hokey, "aw shucks" way) as one for all religion, and it seems to do nothing but congratulate Christians for being Christian and not dirty heathens. Which suggests people who aren't Christian aren't Americans.
Pschaw to that, sirs.

If I may speak as a political pundit for a moment, it strikes me that this is nothing less than attempt to re-write our history in specifically Christian terms. Which is non-sense. To make such an allegation requires either total ignorance of the period, and the intentions and actions of the patriots who founded our country, or a willingness to lie and cover-up that history.

I say this to you, sponsors of this bill: a vote in favor of HR 888 is an admission that you are unfit for the job you hold.

Sebastian K Poochles has no specific religious leanings, and believes religion and politics each to be strong for the other's absence in its affairs. When I am president, I shall personally take to task the House of Representatives for such frivolous activities.

Hams of Enlightenment Thought to you,
Sebastian K. Poochles

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what about illegals? I hate me some Mexicanos. Will you keep 'em away from my homestead and outta my properties?

--Cyrus MacDoodle, MacDoodlesville, AB